01-30 June 2021 Stuttgart, Germany

Insight @ Porsche 2021

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01-30 June 2021 Stuttgart, Germany

Car Body Engineering

Insight @ Porsche 2021

INCLUSIVE Guided Tour through the new Taycan and 911 body shop


We are working on finding an alternate event date in 2021. Further information will follow at our earliest convenience.

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The automotive industry is in the midst of a transformation. Automobile manufacturers are occupying themselves with finding solutions for alternative powertrains, new concepts and suitable energy storage systems. What are the corresponding car body concepts like? How is the battery integrated? How important is lightweight design? Which materials are used in the car bodies and how can sophisticated designs be achieved?

At Porsche, engineers have worked extensively on these and other challenges. The results of this work were recently presented to the world: Porsche's first all-electric sports car, the Taycan. The car body consists of an intensive mix of materials with a high percentage of aluminium and hot-formed steels. For the outer skin, Porsche relies on forming technology with the highest demands and achieves deep drawing depths of over 300 mm.

The aluminium housing of the underfloor battery is an integral part of the vehicle structure. The integration of the new Taycan production line was completed during ongoing production in the grown structure of the Zuffenhausen plant.

The conference offers you the opportunity to learn more about new Taycan and its technologies. Discuss current developments and projects with experts from Porsche and other OEMs. A special highlight of the conference is the guided tour, which offers participants insights into the production of the Taycan.

Among others discuss the following topics at the conference:

  • Multi material mix (sheet, profile and diecast aluminium, steel, composites)
  • New forming technologies for sophisticated designs
  • Efficient joining processes in multi-material mix
  • Smart factory, digitization
  • Green Factory, CO2-neutral production
  • Future car body concepts for e-mobility

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The conference is aimed at

Automotive engineers in the development, planning and production of passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers and their system suppliers.

About Insight Conferences

Insight Edition is a series of conferences which Automotive Circle regularly holds at leading international OEMs. The focus of this event serie is on current topics specific to the car body. It offers sophisticated presentations and discussions of leading car manufacturers and selected systems suppliers. Attendees gain valuable insights into the modern manufacturing processes in the automotive industry and an opportunity to participate in an exclusive tour of the host’s production facilities.

Programme Coordination

Florian Becker

Florian Becker

Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-326


Conference Organisation

Annika Filff

Annika Filff

Senior Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-374


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