04-06 April 2017 Bad Nauheim, Germany

Joining in Car Body Engineering 2017

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At a Glance 2016

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15-16 November 2016 | Bad Nauheim, Germany

English/German simultaneous translation

Doors and Closures in Car Body Engineering 2016

7th International Benchmarking Conference with Innovation Award!

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08-09 November 2016 | Dingolfing, Straubing

Insight Edition @ BMW 2016

Large-scale production of hybrid carbon fibre bodies for luxury vehicles

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07-08 November 2016 | Bad Nauheim, Germany

Car Body Painting 2016

33rd Workshop of the 1st German Automotive Circle

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18-20 October 2016 | Bad Nauheim

EuroCarBody 2016

18 th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference

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