20-21 June 2018 Neckarsulm

Insight @ Audi 2018

The new Audi A8 - Intelligent multi-material lightweight design

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20-21 June 2018 Neckarsulm

Car Body Engineering

Insight @ Audi 2018

The new Audi A8 - Intelligent multi-material lightweight design

Plus guided tour through the new A8 bodyshop in Neckarsulm

PLEASE NOTE: The conference is fully booked! You can register here for the waiting list.

The new Audi A8 – Intelligent multi-material lightweight design

The two days conference offers the possibility to discuss new car body engineering concepts with experts from Audi as well as other OEM. A special highlight of the conference is the guided plant tour that offers the delegates exclusive insights into the production of the new Audi A8.

At Audi, the development of the Audi Space Frame (ASF) is a continuous work in progress. The new generation of the A8 was launched in 2017. For the first time, the body structure comprises an intelligent mix of four materials: aluminium, steel, magnesium and carbon. By using as many as 29 different material grades, the company puts the
principle "the right material in the right place in the right amount” consequently into practice. An intelligent combination of 14 different joining technologies are used in total.

In addition to using established joining technologies, Audi sets new standards with innovative technologies. For the first time, remote laser welding is used on conventional precipitation hardening aluminium alloys in volume production. This enables a decreased energy input into the component. Also, due to an integrated quality control, the engineers are able to reduce the complexity in car body productionin a very sustainable way.

Join the discussions with the experts on-site on the following topics:

  • Intelligent material mix (sheet, profile and diecast aluminium, steel, composites)
  • Efficient joining processes in multi-material mix
  • Process strategies to increase productivity and quality
  • Smart factory, digitisation
  • Future car body concepts for e-mobility

In cooperation with Audi


The Programme Committee

Theuner, Jörg_Audi
Jörg Theuner Head of A8 Body Shop
Dr. Bernd Mlekusch Head of Development Body Structure
müller audi
Steffen Müller Head of Technology Development Joining
Thomas Heusser, Audi AG
Thomas Heußer Head of Technology Development Materials and Process Engineering

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Conference Programme

Programm Coordination

Sabine Scharf

Sabine Scharf

Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-327


Conference Organisation

Sarah Ehrchen

Sarah Hausmann

Event Manager
Automotive Circle
T +49 511 9910-374


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